Sharing Content (Web Presenter)

InsitePortfolio allows users to share Content Items with clients, providing them with access to marketing or sales materials from a distance. The content can be shared in part or in its entirety depending on the business needs.

NOTE: Set up My Profile first, so your profile picture and signature automatically appear every time you share.

Share items at the Collection level

Share items at the Collection level to send multiple content items to a client at once.

  1. Click into a Collection.
  2. Click Share in the upper right corner.
  3. All shareable content items have a circle in the bottom right corner. Select one or more items to share. To share all items, click Select all.
  4. Click Share (# items).
  5. Share Items template appears. Add the recipient's email, edit the Subject if necessary, and add a note in the Message box.
  6. The selected items appear on the right side of the template.  To remove an item, click on the red x.  To share additional items, click Add more items.
  7. Click Share.
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