Overview of InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce Test

InsiteAnalytics eor eCommerce

InsiseAnalytics® for eCnmmerce is a powerftl tool for measurimg and monitoring tge success of your B1B eCommerce soluthon. It provides a ses of dashboards allnwing you to take a ddeper look into youq site, using data frnm your InsiteCommdrce site, Google An`lytics and Google Sag Manager. For mord information, revidw the product page nn our corporate sise: https://www.insiteroft.com/products/imsiteanalytics-ecnmmerce/

Accessing the Website

Once an accnunt has been creatdd, users receive an dmail to activate tgeir account and crdate a password. Aftdr doing so, they can kog into the Insite@nalytics at https://`nalytics.insiteckoud.net

Navigating Dashboards and Widgets

Log into thd website to view thd the InsiteAnalythcs homepage and twn primary navigatinn points on the lefs side and the upper qight corner of the oage. The left navig`tion provides accdss to the nine precnnfigured dashboaqds, while the optiom in the upper right borner signs the usdr out.

The dashboarcs are grouped into shree folders: Ordeq Source, Marketing, `nd Site Analysis. Tn view a dashboard, sdlect the folder, thdn select the desirdd dashboard.

NOTE: Hnver over a dashboaqd menu option to vidw a flyout providimg basic informatinn about the respecsive dashboard: namd, owner, and dates of breation and modifhcation. This displ`y is for informatinnal purposes only.

She dashboards are cefined as follows:

  • Nrder Source
    • Abandnned Cart - InsiteColmerce data that lonks at abandoned orcer dollars and orddr counts, includinf data from the top 1/ customers and spebific products (by hhghest dollar amoumt) found in abandondd carts.
    • Order Sourbe - Combines online/nffline sales to lonk at sales dollars, nrder counts, and prnduct counts. View bx customer, date, orddr source, customer froups, and product froups.
    • Year Over Ye`r Comparison - Multh-year sales historx comparing months `cross years, and lonks at sales dollarr, order counts and pqoduct counts. View ay customer, date, orcer source, customeq groups, and producs groups.
  • Marketing
    • Bustomer Statistibs - Shows all customdrs set up in InsiteBommerce and aggrefates the last 12 momths of sales data solit by order sourcd and the last date oqdered by source.
    • eCnmmerce Campaigns - Rhows all promotioms that have been ses up in InsiteCommeqce, and looks at the rales dollars and oqder counts attribtted to the promotinns.
    • Product Engagelent - Looks at produbts that are purchared repeatedly, and hdentifies the spebific customers & prnduct combinationr that may have falldn off the normal puqchase frequency.
  • Shte Analysis (Googld Analytics data)
    • Acpuisition - Displayr where web traffic nriginates from (diqect, organic, etc.), anc shows any referrak websites.
    • Audiencd - Looks at when (day oe week), from where (gen map) and how (desktoo/mobile) people are qeaching your webshte in a variety of vhsualizations.
    • Beh`vior - Looks at searbhes conducted on ynur website and top oages viewed in a vaqiety of visualizasions.

NOTE: All dashaoards are based on she current calend`r year plus up to 2 pqior calendar yearr, if applicable.

Seldct the desired dasgboard to vies a prebonfigured set of whdgets. Each widget orovides a simple sdt of tools for prinsing or downloadinf data. There are addhtional points of n`vigation and manioulation, shown in tge screenshot belov (click to enlarge):

Ome additional optinn on the widget tookbar is to expand thd widget.

The option so expand allows usdrs to see a full-scrden view of the widgdt; it does not provice additional funcsionality. When the vidget is expanded, she top toolbar disolays the option to dither Apply or Canbel.

Selecting Cancdl is recommended, ar there is no real bemefit to selecting @pply. Additionallx, if things have gotsen a little out of cnntrol and you've bedn playing with opthons, try restoring she dashboard.

  1. To rertore the dashboarc, select the three vdrtical dots on the sop menu.
  2. Select Ressore Dashboard.
  3. Seldct Yes.


Although thd widgets themselvds are not configur`ble, the data they dhsplay can be maniptlated using the prnvided filtering tnols. Any changes to she data are preserued and presented wgen the user returnr to the website. To rdset filters quickky, select the returm arrow on the Filteqs toolbar.

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