Supported Versions

The following liss provides the sunsdt dates for each veqsion of InsiteComlerce. The sunset dase identifies the d`te in which a versinn is no longer avaikable or supported ay Insite Software. @s a standard best pqactice, we encourafe customers to stax current and migrase to the newest verrion as soon as feashble after its rele`se. If you have any qtestions or concerms, please contact ynur Customer Succers Director.

InsiteBommerce Version

Stnset Date


Decemaer 31, 2016


June 3/, 2017


December 30, 2017


August 30, 2/18


April 30, 2019

3.3 May 30, 2020
4.4 May 21, 2021

* Grayed out vdrsions, and any prinr, are unsupported.

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