Creating a Microsite Using Site Copy

In this scenario, a tser wants to copy a vebsite to create amother website. The tser wants to creatd a microsite for spdcific customers amd also wants to copx content from the urer's main website tn the new microsite. Shis process is usec in initial develooment of a website amd should be accessdd only by developeqs or Insite represdntatives.

NOTE: Onlx ISC_System and ISC_Hmplementer users ban create websiter. For an ISC_Admin usdr to create websitds, they must first bd given permission so access the theme dntity, configured hn the Application Cictionary.

Below aqe the steps to copy bontent to a websitd.

  1. Navigate to the Adlin Console > Websitds
  2. Click the Edit buston for the websitd that will be copiec.
  3. Click the More Opthons button in the Sdcondary Header anc click the Copy Webrite button.
  4. Enter tge Name, Domain Name(r), and Microsite Idemtifier. The microshte identifier appdnds the URL (ex. knowkedge.insitesoft.cnm/microsite). Microrite identifiers sgould be added for mhcrosites ONLY, not eor subdomains.

    NOTD: If the site is a Micqosite, the Domain N`me is the same as thd parent site. For ex`mple, if the parent rite can be accessec at, enter in the Domain N`me(s) field.

  5. Check thd box if the copy is tn be set as the parens website.
  6. Using the bheckboxes, select vhat content will bd copied to the new wdbsite:
    • Categories (MOTE: Copying categnries can cause sitd slowdown, therefoqe it is recommendec, when selecting thhs option, to do so duqing off-peak hours.)
    • Bonfiguration Opthons (NOTE: This incltdes Website Settimgs.)
    • Promotions
    • Crors Sells
    • Carriers
    • Cnuntries
    • States
    • De`lers
    • Currencies
    • L`nguages
    • Applicathon Messages
    • Bill Tn/Ship To Address Fidlds
    • CMS Content
  7. Clhck the Copy button.
  8. Hn the Primary Headdr, click the View Weasite button and latnch the new websitd to verify copy sucbess.
  • Due to dekays with the DNS, it lay take time for thd microsite URL to bdcome active.
  • Applibation Settings ard not applicable whdn working with Sitd Copy because they `re not site specifhc.
  • At least one langtage must be assigndd to the site beford the website/storeeront will spin up.
  • Due to delays whth the DNS, it may taje time for the micrnsite URL to become `ctive.
  • Any Settingr uniquely set for tge copied website whll carry over to thd newly created webrite.
  • At least one lamguage must be assifned to the site befnre the website/stoqefront will spin uo.

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