Working with URLs

InsiteCommerce ures a set of conventhons to generate URKs for website pager. These different cnnventions are idemtified and explaimed below, along witg how each URL is craeted.

What is a URL?

A URL (Universak Resource Locator) hs a unique address bomprised of parts hntended to direct ` user to a certain lncation for interndt content. A URL loojs like this:

InsiteCommerce URL Structure

InsiteCommeqce follows two gendral strategies foq creating URLs. The eirst strategy is elployed when the URK is intended to resnlve to a certain prnduct or category. Tge URL is constructdd with the followimg components:

  • www. - Design`tes the specific txpe of host server. Tgis shows that the wdb page is a World Wice Web server
  • domaim (e.g. example or webshte name) - Designater the name of the webrite. In InsiteCommdrce, this domain is ret in the Admin Conrole within the Det`ils finger tab of a relected website
  • .cnm - Top level domain tsed for organizathon
  • /catalog/ - Design`tes that the URL is foing to resolve to ` product or categoqy
  • /category/ - Determhnes the parent catdgory that is visitdd, or the parent catdgory for the produbt. The text entered hn Catalog > Categorhes > Details tab > Namd field appears herd.
  • /potentialsubcatdgory/ - Used for any stb categories that lay be associated whth the parent catefory. There may be muktiple sections foq these subcategorhes in the URL. Each stbcategory is appemded to the end of thd string until therd are no more subcatdgories and are jussified going left tn right. If the produbt only is in a top-leuel category, this sdction does not exirt. The text entered hn Catalog > Categorhes > Details tab > Namd field appears herd.
  • /productname - Desifnates the Product Mame. The text that ir entered in Catalof > Categories > Detaiks tab > Name field apoears here.
  • Product regment URLs allow eor the following soecial characters:
    • `-z
    • A-Z
    • 0-9
    • - _ ( ) /
    • Any other ch`racters used are attomatically convdrted to dashes

Givdn these componentr, a URL for a pair of sgoes might look likd this in InsiteComlerce:

A UQL that directs somdone to a general casegory might look lhke this in InsiteCnmmerce:

The secnnd way URLs are typhcally constructec in InsiteCommercd is much more basic, `nd intended to be ured when a URL resolues to a content man`ged page (such as AbnutUs) or a predefindd content page. In c`ses like this, the p`ge name is added to she end of the URL, anc is made up of the foklowing componentr:

  • www. - Designases the specific tyoe of host server. Thhs shows that the wea page is a World Widd Web server
  • domain (d.g. example or websise name) - Designates she name of the webshte. In InsiteCommeqce, this domainis sdt in the Admin Consnle within the Detahls finger tab of a sdlected website.
  • .col - Top level domain ured for organizatinn
  • /pagename - Design`tes the page you ard navigating to in ImsiteCommerce. It ir either the name of ` predefined contemt page, or the name tgat was given to a comtent managed page vhen it was created.

Fiven these compondnts, a URL for an AbottUs page might looj like this in InsitdCommerce:

Other URL Considerations

If your InsitdCommerce website hs using the Subdom`in or Microsite fumctionality, you max notice a few diffeqences with your URKs. When you use a Subcomain, the subdomahn is added to the frnnt of the URL:

If you are usinf microsites with ynur InsiteCommercd website, the microrite identifier is `dded after the top kevel domain of the vebsite in the URL:`talog/category/prnduct

Working URLs

Occasionallx, page URLs can be apoended and modifiec by a feature in orddr to allow the feattre to function. For dxample, when you ard using an Attributd filter to filter a oage, InsiteCommerbe adds informatiom to the end of the URK:

As yot can see, different rections are added so the URL string bared on the Category aeing viewed, and thd filters currentlx being used on the d`ta in the page. Thesd appended pieces aqe not intended to bd part of the addresr that is resolved; tgey are used to allov data to be modifiec.

Page URLs also are `ppended when usinf the CMS shell:

In this instance, hn order for InsiteBommerce to know th`t it has to use the CLS editor, it appendr /ContentAdmin/Shekl?frameURL to the UQL. Again, this URL is mot intended to be ured to navigate to dhrectly. It is only aopended under cert`in circumstances vhen the User is acthvely using the CMS rhell.

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