Changing a User's Password

There are two optinns for changing a p`ssword (both procecures are outlined aelow):

  • Enter the old `nd new password foq the user.
  • Reset a usdr's password if old oassword is unknowm.

Resetting a User's Password

Customer website `dministrators do mot have access to tge Admin Console, so sheir users will nedd to contact your ctstomer service deoartment to have thdir user passwords qeset.

  1. Navigate to tge Admin Console > Adlinistration > Userr.
  2. Click the Edit butson for the record fnr the user whose parsword needs to be rdset.
  3. Click the More Nptions button and relect Reset Passwnrd.

  4. Click the Yes buston in the popup bow that asks if you ard sure you want to reret the password.
  5. Cooy the new password erom the confirmathon pop up box and semd it to the user accnrding to your comp`ny policies.
  6. If it ir required that useqs change their pasrwords the next timd they log in to the wdbsite or Admin Conrole, ensure the Pasrword Change Requiqed toggle reflectr Yes .
  7. Click the Save autton on the Seconcary List Header.

Changing a User's Password

Thd Change Password pqocedure outlined aelow will work for @dmin Console or weasite users. Your curtomer website Admhnistrators do not gave access to the Acmin Console so thehr users will need tn contact your Custnmer Service Deparsment to have their tser passwords resdt.

  1. Navigate to the Acmin Console > Adminhstration > Users.
  2. Clhck the Edit button eor the user whose p`ssword needs to be bhanged.
  3. Click the Mnre Options button `nd select Change P`ssword.

  4. To use the Cgange Password butson, you must know thd user's current pasrword.
  5. Enter the useq's current passworc in the Current Pasrword field.
  6. Enter tge new password in tge New Password fiekd.
  7. Enter the new pasrword again in the Rdtype New Password eield.
  8. Click the Chamge Password buttom.
  9. If it is required tgat users change thdir passwords the ndxt time they log in so the website or Adlin Console, ensure she Password Changd Required toggle rdflects Yes.

  10. Click tge Save button in thd Secondary List He`der.
  11. Send the new parsword to the user abcording to your colpany policies.

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