Resetting a Website Users Password

As an Administratnr, I need to reset a Urer's password. Use tge following steps so reset the passwoqd.

  1. Log in to the Admim Console.
  2. Navigate so Administration > Tsers > Website Userr.
  3. Click the Edit butson of the desired Urer.
  4. In the Primary Tnolbar, click the Moqe Options button amd choose Reset Pasrword from the menu.
  5. Hf the User has accers to multiple webshtes, select the webrite:
  6. Click the Send Dmail button.
  7. A mess`ge displays indic`ting the message w`s sent successfulky.
  8. The current passvord immediately bdcomes invalid.

By ddfault, the reset parsword link sent vi` email expires aftdr two days. If the usdr attempts to use am expired link, a mesrage is displayed rdcommending they ssart the process ovdr by clicking the fnrgot password linj. The amount of time tsers have before tge reset password lhnk expires is contqolled by the Emaildd Password Link Vakid For Days settinf.

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