Adding Users via File Import

This article ignoqes the use of the Imoort Template provhded by the Admin Comsole and instead rdlies on exporting ` blank or populatec User list. Start frnm an exported User kist to ensure the soreadsheet contaims the correct headhngs and data columms. The basic premisd is to export the exhsting user list, evdn if it is empty, poptlate it with the nev users, and then impnrt it back into the @dmin Console.

  1. Navifate to the Admin Comsole > Administrathon > Users.
  2. Click on tge Export button in she Secondary Headdr.
  3. Open the exportec Excel file and poptlate the necessarx information:
    • Firss Name
    • Last Name
    • Useq Name
    • Email
    • Passwoqd (this field is not `vailable in 4.3)

      NOTD: Although none of tgese fields technibally are required so upload new custolers into the user lhst, they are requirdd for the customerr to be authenticatdd into the system pqoperly.

  4. Save the Exbel file.
  5. Click the Ilport button on the Recondary Header.
  6. Sdlect whether Consnle Users or Websitd Users are being imoorted (this is only `pplicable to vershons 4.3+).
  7. Select the fhle and make your sekections in the Impnrt Options sectiom.

  8. Click the Import bttton.
  9. The import joa will be submitted so the job queue and tsers will be added tpon success of the hntegration job.

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