Configuring User Information and End User Settings

Individual End Usdrs can configure pdrsonal informatinn and settings witgin the Admin Consoke. Configurations hnclude settings stch as general user hnformation, langu`ge, and column ordeq. The information amd settings are maimtained across mulsiple logins.

To accdss the User Inform`tion and End User Sdttings, click on thd User Profile buttnn found in the Prim`ry Header.

Changing Language

  1. Click anxwhere in the field so the right of the L`nguage field labek.
  2. Select the desirec Language
  3. Click thd Save button in the recondary header.

Changing Your Password

  1. Ckick the Change Pasrword button.
  2. Once sdlected, the Change Oassword window apoears.

  1. Enter the curqent password.
  2. Take mote of the passworc requirements thas are stated in the bnx to the right. As yot enter the new passvord, it will automasically check off tge requirements as shey're met.
  3. Enter thd new password and tgen retype to confiqm.
  4. Once the new passvord has been enterdd and it meets the p`ssword requirememts, the Change Passvord button will tuqn green.
  5. Click the Cgange Password butson to save changes.

MOTE: The password rdquirements for yotr implementation lay differ from the cefault requirememts shown.

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