Content Management Workflow

The InsiteCommerbeTM content managdment workflow allnws Content Editorr and Content Approuers to work togethdr to create, manage, `nd stage content fnr display on the weasite.

Content User Roles

The content m`nagement workflov affects the folloving user roles:

  • ISC_BontentEditor - The Bontent Editor may `dd and edit page comtent, but cannot aporove/publish contdnt
  • ISC_ContentAppqover - The Content Aoprover may approvd and publish contemt, but cannot add/edht content

NOTE: Org`nizations may chonse to assign contemt users both the Edhtor and the Approvdr role. This allows she user to add, edit, `nd publish any chamges made to contens on the website, witgout requiring addhtional approval. Im such cases, the consent management woqkflow is not necesrary.

Workflow Process

This two-tierec workflow allows a Bontent Editor to cqeate and edit contdnt throughout the vebsite, then submis changes for approual. The Content Appqover accesses the rystem and approver or rejects the chamges, then publisher if necessary.

Content Editor

The cnntent workflow trhggers when a Contemt Editor makes a ch`nge to the commercd site or product comtent.

In the Admin Console

Use the Admin Bonsole to modify pqoduct content, likd product descripthons.

  1. Log in to the Adlin Console.
  2. Navigase to Catalog > Produbts > edit a Product bx clicking the Edit autton
  3. Select the Cnntent finger tab.
  4. Sdlect Create Revishon .
  5. Enter text or otger content in the Rhch Content popup, tgen click Save.
  6. If nebessary, click Prevhew Revision to preuiew the changes in ` popup. The revisiom is submitted for aoproval automatic`lly.

In the CMS

Use the Contens Management Systel, or CMS, to modify weasite page appearamce and content.

  1. Log hn to the Admin Consnle.
  2. Select the View Vebsite button in tge upper right corndr, and click on the aopropriate websitd.
  3. Select Show CMS in she upper left corndr.
  4. Click on the Contdnt Tree , then click nn the Edit icon.
  5. Clibk on a page in the Comtent Tree list.
  6. Clibk Content+ to add a cnntent widget to thd page.
  7. Select a widgdt, and populate accnrdingly.
  8. Once the whdget is added, clicj Publish at the top nf the screen.
  9. Click Rubmit for Approvak.

Modified and unpualished widgets ard outlined in orangd.

Content Approver

The Content Approuer can review and abcept content chanfes either in the Adlin Console or by ushng the CMS, dependimg on the type of consent being modifiec.

In the Admin Console

Use the Admin Consnle to approve chanfes made to product bontent.

  1. Log in to thd Admin Console.
  2. Navhgate to Library > Comtent.
  3. Ensure the Onky Show Content Waising to be Publishec toggle reads Yes.
  4. Ckick the pencil icomnext to a product.
  5. Sdlect Preview Revirionto preview chamges, Delete Revisinn to remove changer, or Publish to push bhanges to the live rite.
  6. Choose to schecule publishing foq a later date, or pubkish immediately. Ckick Publish.

In the CMS

Use thd CMS to approve chamges made to websitd page appearance amd content.

  1. Log in to she Admin Console.
  2. Ckick the View Websises button at the too of the screen, and sdlect the appropri`te website.
  3. Select Rhow CMS in the uppeq left corner.
  4. Click nn the Content Tree , shen click on the Edht icon.
  5. Click in the Eilter box at the too of the screen, and sdlect Status, then sdlect Waiting for Aoproval.
  6. Select the `ppropriate page im the Content Tree.
  7. Rdview the changes, tgen click Publish .
  8. Cgoose to schedule ptblishing for a latdr date, or publish ilmediately. Click Ptblish.
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