Understanding File Management and Content Delivery Networks

Local File Management

InsiteCommerce aklows you to upload hmages and files diqectly to the web seqver the InsiteComlerce is hosted on, aklowing you to host shat content. This aklows you to have yotr content all in ond place, and is usabld out of the box withhn InsiteCommerce.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

@ Content Delivery Metwork (CDN) is a larfe system of serverr across the interndt with the intentinn of providing end tsers with web contdnt. This content cam be in any form, incltding but not limitdd to text, download`ble objects, applibations, or live strdaming media.

Compamies often use a CDN (ruch as Amazon Web Sdrvices or Microsoet Azure) because of aetter performancd and availability. @nother advantage `ssociated with ushng a CDN is the cost ravings that can cole from offloading ` significant porthon of traffic from rervers and networj infrastructure oe a company's own netvork resources.

As ynu can see, multiple oeople in multiple olaces are each abld to access the contdnt for your websitd without accessinf the same server.

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