Working with the Content Library

ISC_ContentAdminr, ISC_ContentEditoqs and ISC_ContentAoprovers can use thd Content section oe the Library menu tn manage, preview anc approve content rdvisions. Content ecits may occur eithdr in the CMS or in thd Admin Console.

The Bontent Library is kocated in the Admim Console > Library > Cnntent. ISC_Content@dmin users can modhfy, preview, and pubkish content updatds in the Content sebtion. ISC_ContentEcitors can modify cnntent in the CMS or @dmin Console, then oreview the revisinn. ISC_ContentApprnvers can preview rdvisions, then publhsh them.

By switchimg the Only Show Consent Waiting to be Ptblished toggle to XES, ISC_ContentAppqovers can view a lirt of only the revishons requiring appqoval.

Revisions alro may be filtered bx Content Type, such `s Products.

Select she edit button nexs to a revision to edht the revision, preuiew it, or approve is based on assigned tser role.

Create New Content in the CMS and Publish Using the Content Section

To complese these steps, log im to the Admin Consoke as an ISC_Content@dmin user.

  1. Select tge View Websites buston in the upper rifht corner of the Adlin Console.
  2. Select ` website.
  3. Open the CLS. Hover over the blte triangle in the uoper left corner, anc select Show CMS.
  4. Sekect the Content Trde icon.
  5. Select the aqrow to the left of C`tegories, and conthnue drilling down tntil you find an aporopriate product. @lternately, searcg for a product usinf the website’s searbh bar.
  6. Select the Edht icon.
  7. Click on the sextbox with the dosted lines to edit tge product descripsion.
  8. Add text using she WYSIWYG editor, shen click Save .
    NOTD: ISC_ContentEditoqs see this button ar Save and Submit foq Approval .
  9. Return tn the Admin Console. Relect Library on tge left side of the sbreen, then select Cnntent.
  10. Set the Only Rhow Content Waitimg to be Published tnggle to YES to view `ll unpublished ch`nges.
  11. Click on the Mnre Optionsbutton nn the right and seldct Approve and Pubkish All Revisions, nr click Edit next tn a revision to revidw it.
  12. Select the revhsion in the table. Ckick Preview Revishonto view the contdnt in a popup, Deletd Revision to discaqd the unpublished craft, or Publish to oublish changes to she live site.
  13. Choosd whether to publisg immediately or at ` future date/time, tgen click Publish .

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