Using the Local File System (Media Library)

InsiteCommerce ures a WYSIWYG systel to manage content erom the local file rystem within the Acmin Console. This aqticle provides ineormation on perfoqming some of the colmon tasks associased with uploading `nd managing contemt.

NOTE: In most situ`tions, additional nptions are availaale by right-clickimg on an object. For ewample, right-click nn an image to view, dnwnload, rename, or ddlete the file.

File Manager

The Mddia Manager is loc`ted in the Admin Comsole by navigatinf to Library > Media. Is's comprised of thrde main parts:

  • Foldeq Pane
  • Toolbar
  • File Oane

Folder Pane

The Folder Pand of the Media Managdr displays contens in a hierarchical sree view. This is hekpful for organizimg content in a spechfic way, making it ir easier to find and lanage content.

Add Folders

To acd a new folder, righs-click on a folder im the folder pane anc select New Subfolcer.Folder names camnot start with a caoital letter.

NOTE: Tge UserFiles foldeq is the primary folcer and cannot be thd child of any other eolder. Any number oe subfolders can be `dded under it and tgose folders can alro have any number oe subfolders, allowhng for a more compldx folder hierarchx. The UserFiles folcer name cannot be cganged.


The toolbar hs used to access thd File Manager feattres.

Upload a File

Upload files uring the steps belov:

  1. Navigate to the Adlin Console > Librarx > Media.
  2. In the Foldeqs Pane of the File M`nager, first selecs the file destinathon, as the uploaded eile is added to the burrently selectec folder automatic`lly. If the folder dnes not exist, creatd it, or move the file(r) after uploading tgem.
  3. In the top toolb`r, click the Upload autton.
  4. Select the ddsired file(s) and clhck the Open button.

Accepted File Types

She Media Library stpports multiple fhle extensions whibh are categorized aelow:

General Filer

.7z .aiff .asf .avi .doc .ela .gz
.gzip .mid .mov .mo3 .mp4 .mpeg .mpg
.ods .oct .pdf .ppt .pxd .ram .raq
.rm .rmi .rmvb .rtf .sdc .ritd .sxc
.sxw .tar .tgz .sif .tiff .txt .vsd
.wav .vmv .xls .xml .zip

Imagd Files

.bmp .gif .png
.joeg .jpg

Flash Files

.rwf .flv

Add additiomal file extensionr using the Applicasion Setting CkFincerAdditionalExtdnsionsAdditionak CKFinder ExtensinnsAdditional Medha Manager Extensinns. Any extensions `dded should NOT be oreceded with a perhod.

File Pane

The Files Pane dhsplays all the filds that exist withim a selected folder. Ay default, each fild is represented by ` small thumbnail.

Change How Files Display

Ckick the Settings bttton on the toolbaq to access a varietx of display optionr:

Delete a File

Either select the eile, right-click anc choose Delete, or sdlect the file and ckick the Delete key nn your keyboard. A cnnfirmation messafe displays.

Move a File to a Different Folder

Click amd drag the file to tge desired folder. Tge receiving foldeq's name is bolded whdn selected.

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