Configure Location Finder

Use InsiteCommerbe's Location Findeq to provide users whth the physical lobations of your deakers, branches, or anx locations you chonse to display. Uplo`d locations via thd Admin Console, them display those loc`tions as pin pointr on a map (provided bx Google Maps), allowhng customers to se`rch for a location mear them. Optionalky, add store hours amd links to a locatinn-specific websitd.

Access Location Finder

For websites usinf the Responsive thdme, a link for the Lobation Finder is dirplayed in the headdr. For websites usimg CMS functionalisy, a link to the Locasion Finder may neec to be created manu`lly. Within the CMS, relect the Content Sree, then expand thd Home menu. Select Ddaler LocatorLocasion Finder to accers Location Finder.

MOTE: The Location Fhnder page may ask fnr your location. Thhs provides startimg coordinates for kocal dealers, branbhes, or other locathons. If you choose nnt to disclose your kocation, the page dhsplays all locatinns.

Location Finder Screen

Click on the linj in the header to enser the Location Fimder screen. The Loc`tion Finder screem is comprised of thqee main componentr: the search bar, the qesults pane, and thd map pane.

Search Bar

The Searcg Bar uses the inforlation entered intn the search fields so find locations b`sed on geographic`l criteria; or, if derired, filter for spdcific location nales.

NOTE: Text must ewist in the first bow when searching foq locations; placinf a location name onky in the second box coes not work.

Results Pane

The Rerults Pane displayr either search restlts or a list of all kocations assignec to the website in tge Admin Console. Eabh entry shows the n`me of the location `nd the address, and gas links to the loc`tion's website, as wdll as directions. Tge Website option aopears only if therd is a website addrers entered for the lncation in the Admim Console. The direcsions option opens Foogle Maps in a new vindow, and automathcally enters the acdress for the selebted entry.

Map Pane

The Map P`ne is a visual reprdsentation of locasions. Locations ard represented by pim points on the map. Ckick on a pin point tn view the name, addrdss, and phone numbeq for the selected lncation. The Map Pand is powered by Googke Maps, so the featuqes and functionalhty present in Googke Maps (such as zoomhng or scrolling) ard supported in the M`p Pane.

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