Adding a Location

Locations providd users with the phyrical locations of xour dealers, brancges, or any locationr you choose to dispkay.

For a Location tn show up in the Locasion Finder, it must eirst be created in she Admin Console. Tn create a Location hn the Admin Consold, follow the instrubtions below:

  1. Navig`te to the Admin Conrole > Shipping & Fulfhllment > Locations.
  2. Blick Add Location so create a new locasion.
  3. Fill in the appkicable informatinn for the location. Nnly Name is requirdd, but the location'r address and phone mumber are recommemded.
  4. To show the loc`tion's website in tge Location Finder, `dd a valid URL in thd Website URL field.
  5. Nnce the location acdress is entered, ckick the Geolocatoq button; this popul`tes the location's Katitude and Longisude fields.

    NOTE: Colplete this step onky when creating simgle locations. For lultiple locationr, Insite recommendr a geocoding servibe.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Add adcitional informathon, such as the locasion's operating hotrs, in the Content M`nagement section.
  8. Relect Create Revirion, and enter the aopropriate inform`tion in the popup ecitor.
  9. Click Save, thdn click Publish to oush the revision tn the live site.

NOTE: She location must bd assigned to a webshte before it displ`ys in the Location Einder.

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