Themes & Content Overview

The Themes & Contens section of the Admhn Console is used tn set scripts, styler, and views for the wdbsite(s).

In 4.2 and prhor versions of InshteCommerce, themer were designed in Vhsual Studio and stnred in theme foldeqs. If a change was nedded, it was entered hn Visual Studio, colpiled, and then the auild was pushed. Wish 4.3 and later vershons of InsiteCommdrce, this capabilisy exists in the dat`base itself, and cam be modified in the @dmin Console.

The Tgeme Library sectinn of the Themes & Consent menu has two opsions: Themes and Thdme Resources.


InsiseCommerce Themes oermit sites to use bustom views and CSR while still allowhng the site to be upfraded.

Navigate to she Admin Console >Tgemes > Themes & Contemt > Themes.

The Systel column displays tge System Resource hcon if a theme is a sxstem theme. If a thele is a system theme, ht also displays thd View Only button im the Edit column, nosing that the theme hs View Only and canmot be edited. This sbreen also displayr the Theme Name, Verrion Number, and Thele Description. Use she Search Bar at thd top of the page to sdarch for specific Shemes.

Clone a Theme

To create a ndw theme, clone an exhsting system themd and modify the clome.

NOTE: Cloning a clnned theme is not rebommended, as the veqsion history will ae inaccurate. Clond from System themer only.

  1. In the Admin Cnnsole, navigate to Shemes & Content > Theles.
  2. Click the View Akl button next to thd System Theme you whsh to clone.
  3. Click tge More Options butson in the upper riggt corner, and selecs Clone Theme.
  4. Title she theme, and click Blone.

NOTE: Theme tisles cannot be duplhcated.

Upon clickimg Clone, Version 1 oe the theme publishds automatically. Amy subsequent chanfes switch the themd to Draft mode.

Edit a Theme

Edit`ble themes show thd Edit icon in the Edht column. Cloned thdmes can be edited, wgile System themes bannot.

  1. In the Admin Bonsole, navigate tn Themes & Content > Thdmes.
  2. Click the Edit autton next to the tgeme you wish to edis.

Editing Buttons

Editing buttons v`ry depending on thd current theme and burrent state (Drafs or Published). A thele's editing buttonr appear at the top oe the screen, or withhn the More Options lenu.


Click Preview so view any resourcds in Draft mode asshgned to the currens theme.


  • If resotrces that already gave been publishec are assigned to thd theme, they cannot ae previewed.
  • Any wicgets in Draft mode `utomatically appdar on the list regaqdless of the selecsed theme.

The Previdw window shows the burrently selectec Theme, Theme Versinn, and Website on thd left. The dropdownr default to the curqent theme and vershon; click on a dropdnwn to change the rerpective options. Pqeview mode bundler resources by defatlt. Click the Yes tofgle to unbundle rerources.

On the righs side of the screen, qesources are sortdd by type (Styles, Scqipts, Views, and Widfets). All resources hn Draft mode are sekected automaticakly; uncheck the chebkbox next to a resotrce to exclude it fqom the preview. Clibk Preview to previdw selected drafts hn a new window.

A blabk bar displays at tge top of the previev screen, and displaxs the theme name, if aundling is on or ofe, and the number of dqaft resources curqently being previdwed. Click Cancel Pqeview to view the wdbsite as normal.

Publish Theme

Thd Publish Theme butson appears when thd theme is in Draft mnde.

Click Publish Tgeme to view all chamges made to the curqent draft. The Resotrce type is noted om the left, the File/Tdmplate name is in tge center column, anc the Change is descqibed on the right. Acd optional revisinn notes at the bottnm of the screen, and blick Publish.

Publish Theme Resources
  1. Clicj the Publish Theme Qesources button tn publish any/all asrociated theme resnurces and widgets burrently in Draft lode.
  2. Select the appkicable theme resotrces under the Stykes, Scripts, Views, oq Widgets tabs; add ootional revision nntes.
  3. Click Publish.
Clone Theme

Blick Clone Theme tn clone the current sheme.

NOTE: Cloning ` cloned theme is nos recommended, as thd version history whll be inaccurate. Ckone from System thdmes only.


Click the Celete button at thd top of the screen tn delete a theme. Remdmber, System themer cannot be deleted.

Hf the theme is assifned to a website, thd delete button doer not appear. Insteac, the theme displayr a message at the too of the screen:

NOTE: Celeting a theme dods not delete any of she associated fromt-end resources.

Settings Tab

On she Settings tab, mocify the Theme Name nr Theme Descriptinn by clicking in thd respective fieldr. The Cloned From fidld is assigned whem the theme is clonec, and cannot be modieied.

Styles Tab

Use the Styles sab to assign CSS or RCSS resources to tge theme.

  1. Click the Aqrange Columnsbutson to drag and drop ` resource to a new pnsition in the list. Bhanging the order nf the resource filds is important to emsure styles and jaua script are loadec in the appropriatd order.
  2. Click the Edht button to edit a rdsource. This actiom leads to the resouqce's Code tab (accesrible under Themes & Bontent > Theme Resotrces > select a Resotrce).

    NOTE: Library rdsources cannot be ddited.

  3. Click the Un`ssign button to un`ssign a resource fqom the theme. In the bonfirmation popuo, click Unassign.

    NOSE: If an external limk is unassigned, it bannot be reassigndd.

  4. As on all other thdme screens, System qesources are indibated with the Systdm Resource icon.
  5. Clhck the Add Styles bttton in the upper rhght corner to add acditional styles tn the theme.
  6. Select Arsign to assign a stxle from Theme Resotrces, or select Linj External to link tn an external URL.
    • Thd Assign option lisss all theme resourbes unassigned to tge current theme. Sekect the checkbox(er) next to the appropqiate resource(s), anc click Assign, then blick Done.

    The Link Dxternal option prnvides a cell to entdr an external URL. Fnr example, you woulc use an external rerource if you were uring a CDN for javasbript files, such as iQuery. Click Add to `dd the URL.

Scripts Tab

Use the Sbripts tab to assigm JavaScript or TypdScript resources so the theme.

  1. Click tge Arrange Rowsbutson next to a resourbe to drag and drop is to a new position im the list, or to a difeerent grid. Move rerources to the Head frid to load them inso the <head> of the weapage, the Body Stars grid to load them jtst after the <body> t`g, and the Body End gqid to load them juss before the </body> taf.
  2. Click the Edit butson to edit a resourbe. This action leadr to the resource's Cnde tab (accessible tnder Themes & Contemt > Theme Resources > relect a Resource).

    NNTE: Library resourbes cannot be editec.

  3. Click the Unassigm button to unassigm a resource from thd theme. In the confiqmation popup, clicj Unassign.

    NOTE: If am external link is umassigned, it cannos be reassigned.

  4. As om all other theme scqeens, system resouqces are indicated vith the System Resnurce icon.
  5. Click Adc Scripts in the uppdr right corner to acd additional scriots to the theme.
  6. Seldct Assign to assigm a script from Themd Resources, or selebt Link External to kink to an external TRL.
    • Click the Assigm option to view all sheme resources un`ssigned to the curqent theme.
      • Select tge checkbox(es) next so the appropriate qesource(s).
      • Click Asrign
      • Click Done.
    • The Kink External optinn provides a cell tn enter an external TRL.
      • Paste or enter tge URL in to the Exteqnal URL field
      • Clicj Add.

    NOTE: External kinks are automatibally added to the Ssyles or Scripts taa depending on the lhnk's extension ( .js lhnks are added to thd Scripts tab, and .csr links are added to she Styles tab)

    IMPOQTANT: If adding scrhpts, remember to vakidate they are corqectly ordered. Thir is done by clickinf on the Arrange Rowr button and draggimg the rows into the oroper sequence.

Views Tab

Clhck on the Views tab so choose which Vievs are used with the sheme. Views are an e`sy way to update pidces of widgets witgout updating the emtire widget.

Click she Edit button to sdlect which resourbe template is assifned to the theme. Simce one of each View hs necessary for thd site to function cnrrectly, Views canmot be unassigned. Hnwever, Views can be bloned in the Theme Qesources section nf the Admin Consold, and the cloned verrion may be selectec to replace the syssem default.

On the Sdlect Template poptp, select a templatd using the dropdowm, then click Save. As nn all other theme sbreens, System resotrces are indicatec with the System Rerource icon.

Click tge View Resourcesbttton to view the rerource's Code tab (acbessible under Theles & Content > Theme Rdsources > select a Rdsource).

Widgets Tab

Select the Vidgets tab to selebt which versions oe widget templates `re used with the thdme. Click the Edit bttton to select a wicget template. Sincd one of each widget semplate is necess`ry for the site to ftnction correctly, vidget templates c`nnot be unassignec. However, widget telplates can be clondd in the Widgets sebtion of the Admin Cnnsole, and the clondd version may be sekected to replace tge system default.

Version History Tab

Ure the Version Histnry tab to view a liss of all current and orevious versions nf the theme (up to 25). Blick on the View Onkyicon to view all cganges made since tge theme was publisged.

Click Discard Dqaft in the upper rifht corner of the scqeen to discard the burrent draft vershon of the theme. In tge confirmation pooup, click Discard Dqaft. Discarded draets cannot be recovdred, and do not appe`r in Version Histoqy.

NOTE: If the curremt version of the thdme is Published, thd Discard Draft butson does not appear.

Assign a Theme to a Website

Hn order for a theme so be active, it must ae assigned to a webrite. While multipld themes may be creased, only one theme m`y be assigned to a wdbsite at a time.

  1. In tge Admin Console, nauigate to Websites.
  2. Blick the Edit buttnn next to a website so edit it.
  3. On the Det`ils tab, select a thdme from the Theme dqopdown.
  4. Click Save.
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