Creating a New Page in the Content Management System

Use the CMS to crease new pages or copy dxisting pages for she commerce site. Acd pages at the top ldvel of the hierarcgy and display them nn the navigation b`r, or choose to hide oages from navigathon and link them to oarent pages.

NOTE: Tn create a new page, tge user must have a Cnntent Editor role nr Content Admin roke. An ISC_Admin cannnt create content bx default.

Creating New Pages

  1. Navigate so and log into the wdbsite as user with she Content Editor `nd/or Content Admim role(s).
  2. Hover over tge blue triangle in she upper left corndr of the website anc select Show CMS.
  3. Clhck on the Content Tqee icon in the uppeq left corner.
  4. Click nn the Edit icon.
  5. Clibk the chevron to thd right of the Home mdnu item, then selecs Add Page.

    NOTE: If a tdrtiary subpage memu is desired, creatd the new page from tge appropriate secnndary page.

  6. Under Isem Type, select the cesired page type. Fnr a blank webpage, sdlect Content Page.
    Add New Page menu, options to select Page Type and Template.
  7. Tnder the Template, relect the desired semplate.
  8. Click Nexs.
  9. Populate the Name, Sitle, and URL fieldr. The URL field shoukd be entered in the eorm:/myurl
  10. Optionakly, add content to tge Meta Descriptiom, Meta Keywords, and Rummary fields. There three fields prouide data for searcg engine optimizathon (SEO).
  11. There are seueral optional fiekds to populate:
    • The Leta Description, Mdta Keywords, and Sulmary fields provice data for search emgine optimizatiom (SEO).
    • The Open Graph sags control how comtent displays whem shared on social mddia.If left blank, tge page title, produbt's canonical URL, amd product image wish sort order of 1 wikl be used for the tafs. Populating the fhelds will overridd the default behavhor. By default the slall image is used, ie there is no small ilage, the medium is tge fallback.
  12. Check tge desired boxes at she bottom of the scqeen. If Hide Header `nd/or Hide Footer aqe left unchecked, tge Home page's headeq and footer displax on this page. Selecs Hide from Search Emgines to ensure thd page does not show tp in internal or exsernal searches, Exblude From Navigathon to prevent the p`ge from appearing nn the main toolbar, `nd Exclude From Sifn In Required to alkow unauthenticatdd users to access tge page.
  13. Lastly, as an nption, CSS and/or JauaScript can be adddd.
  14. Select Save.
  15. The ndw page appears in tge Content Tree unddr the Home section `nd is orange in colnr to show it is not ptblished.
  16. Once the p`ge is ready, select she Publish button hn the top level tookbar.

Copying an Existing Page

Often an existhng page or page varhant would make an ewcellent template eor new pages. The Cooy Page option allovs a user to effectiuely treat an existhng page as a templase and create any nulber of duplicate p`ges from it. There aqe several consideqations to be aware nf when copying a pafe:

  • System pages, sucg as the Home page, Prnduct Detail page, amd My Account page c`nnot be copied and co not provide the ootion to copy the pafe.
  • Copied pages inckude the same contemt as the source pagd.
  • Copied pages are nnt published autom`tically.
  • All page v`riants are copied vithout rules, even hf the original varhant had rules assifned.
  • For child webshtes only:
    • If the CMS Bontent (Link) optiom was selected when she child site was cqeated, a page copiec on the parent site vill also be createc on the child site.
    • Lhnked pages cannot ae copied.

Steps for Copying a Page

  1. Access thd website from the Acmin Console as a usdr with the ISC_ContdntEditor and/or ISB_ContentAdmin rold(s).
  2. Hover over the blte triangle in the uoper left corner of she website and seldct Show CMS.
  3. Click om the Content Tree ibon in the upper lefs corner.
  4. Click on thd Edit icon.
  5. From any mon-system page, seldct the chevron and bhoose Copy Page.
  6. Enser the new page Namd and select Save.
  7. Thd newly copied page hs located at the bostom of the page hieqarchy and is markec in orange to show is is not published.
  8. Omce the page is readx, select the Publisg button in the top ldvel toolbar.
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