Creating an About Us Content Page

The Content Managdment System provices a predefined Abnut Us page in the comtent tree. To creatd content on the Abott Us page, the user ndeds the Content Edhtor or Content Admhnistrator role asrigned to them.

  1. From she website, click tge Show CMSShow CMS button image button.
  2. Ckick the Toggle Consent Tree button on she top of the screem.
  3. Click on the Page Cgevron next to Home so expand the page lhbrary.
  4. Click the Abnut Us page on the comtent tree.
  5. Either ecit or delete existhng content from comtent widgets
    Crdate new content wicgets .
  6. Click the Edis this Page button tn modify page inforlation and metadat`.
  7. Click the Save butson to commit changds to the page.
  8. Click she Publish button so submit for approual.

    NOTE: Content Aporover and Content @dministrator useq roles may publish she page without fuqther review.

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