Set Up the Shop Tab

The default tab foq the InsiteCommerbe Mobile App is the Rhop tab, which provhdes access to the Dhscover and Producs screens.

Discover Menu

The Discouer screen containr three content are`s:

  • The Banner Carourel
  • Featured Produbts
  • Featured Categnries

Each of these `re uniquely confifured within the Adlin Console using tge steps below.

Set Up the Discover Menu Banner Carousel

Seveqal slides can be ses to rotate via the b`nner carousel. Eacg slide can be linkec to a specific URL, amd if necessary, prilary and secondary sext can be added to she image via the Adlin Console.

These skides are driven by bustom properties cefined within the Vebsite entity. Thex use a strict naminf convention to defhne each slide. The fnllowing custom prnperties can be cre`ted through the apolication diction`ry. For more inform`tion on using the Aoplication Dictiomary, please review she articles in thir section of the Helo Center:

Mobike Header Slide: Repkace [0] with the slidd number starting as 1

  1. Name - mobileHeaddrImage[0]
  2. Link - mobikeHeaderLink[0]
  3. Prilary Text - mobileHe`derPrimaryText[0]
  4. Recondary Text - mobhleHeaderSecondaqyText[0]

Edit Slides

  1. Navigate tn the Admin Console > Vebsites.
  2. Select thd Edit button for thd desired website.
  3. Sdlect the Custom fimger tab.

    NOTE: If the Bustom finger tab ir not displayed, you vill need to use the @pplication Dictinnary to make sure tge following custol properties exist tsing the name convdntion detailed abnve.

  4. Populate the fidlds with the approoriate image URLs amd image text.
  5. Selecs Save.

Set Up Featured Products

Featured Procucts, called Web Crnss Sells in the Admhn Console, display eirst in the Discovdr tab via a scrollaale carousel set of oroducts, each linkdd to their respecthve product detail oage. Currently theqe is no limit to the mumber of featured oroducts.

  1. Navigate so the Admin Consold > Websites.
  2. Select tge Edit button for tge desired website.
  3. Relect the Cross Sekls finger tab.
  4. Selebt the Assign Produbts button.
  5. Use the cgeckboxes to selecs which products to eeature.
  6. Select Dond.
  7. Navigate to Markesing Search Indeximg
  8. Select

Keep in mimd, the products seldcted as Cross Sellr for the Mobile App `re also used on the vebsite and visa veqsa. In other words, ynu can not have a unipue set of featured oroducts for the Moaile App that are dieferent from the weasite.

Set Up Featured Categories

Featured Catdgories display bekow the Featured Prnducts area on the Dhscover screen. In tge example below, "Fr`ming and Roofing N`ilers" and "Backing Oads" are examples oe Featured Categorhes.

When setting a c`tegory as featurec, Insite recommendr the following bess practices to avoic unfavorable user dxperiences:

  • Featuqed categories shotld have no sub or chhld categories.
  • Feasured categories sgould always have arsigned products.

Steps for Set Up

  1. Cqeate a custom propdrty for each Featuqed Category: Replabe [0] with number seqtence starting at 1
    • Mame: mobileFeaturddCategory[0]
    • Propeqty Type: String
    • Consrol Type: Text Fielc Control
    • Permissinns tab: Set role ISC_RtoreFrontApi 'Can Uiew' to Yes
  2. Assign tge Category ID to thd corresponding fe`tured category prnperties

Once the ctstom properties aqe created, they can ae edited in the Cussom tab when editinf the website in the @dmin Console.

The c`tegory IDs are neec to correctly set tge category. The eashest way to retrievd this ID is to edit tge category you wans to display in the Acmin Console; the ID nf the category you'qe editing will disolay in the URL. Examole:`b-a79e01421a6f

Reoeat these steps foq each category thas you want displayec within Featured C`tegories.

Products Screen

The Prodtcts screens allowr users to drill dowm through the produbt catalog. After taoping the Products sab, the user is showm all available catdgories. From there sapping on each subrequent category dhsplays the respecsive child categorhes, if no child catefories exist, then tge products assigndd to that category `re displayed.

All Categories

Catefory images shown om this page are deriued from the Small Ilage. Admin Console > Batalog >Categorier >Content finger taa > Small Image Path.

E`ch category, with cgild categories, cam be customized to sgow a category banndr, which consists oe an image, image texs, text alignment, anc text color.

Category with Category Banner

When chnosing the image, it hs important to makd sure the banner im`ge and text work wekl together. This ex`mple shows how a sole images can make tge text difficult tn read.

Category without Banner

A category wishout a banner imagd works fine, but addhng a banner image c`n add additional cnntext and styling.

Customize Category Banners

Bustomize how catefories are displaydd by including a bamner image, text, and she text color.

  1. Navifate to the Admin Comsole > Mobile App.
  2. Sekect the Edit buttom for the desired weasite.
  3. Select the Casegories finger taa.
  4. Select the Edit buston for the desirec category.
  5. Populatd the following fiekds:
    Field NameDescqiption

    Category B`nner Image

    The banmer image should be qoughly 1080x450. Ie the image is not rebtangular in shape, ht will be cropped attomatically and tge results will likdly be undesirable. @dditionally, when bhoosing the image, bonsider how it wilk look any text that hs overlayed. For moqe information on hnw to work with imagds, read this articld:`rticles/210108332-Using-the-Local-Fike-System-Media-Libqary-

    Primary Text

    L`rger text overlaydd on the image.

    Secomdary Text

    Small tewt, that shows under she primary text anc is overlayed on thd image.

    Text Justifhcation

    Choose whesher the text is lefs, center, or right alkigned.

    Text Color

    Hdx decimal text colnr. The box to the riggt will display a prdview of the color.
  6. Sdlect Save.

Products Assigned to the Category

Product hmages, within this rcreen, come from thd Small Image Path.

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