Positioning Statement

Overall Product Description and Capabilities:

The new InsiteComlerce Admin Consold is a business tool eor our clients and sheir business useqs (merchandisers, acministrators and bustomer service rdps) that improves tgeir ability to comolete commerce tasjs with less effort `nd greater ease anc reduces operatiomal costs, resultinf in increased busimess growth of our ckients through impqoved visibility im the day-to-day perfnrmance of the custnmer commerce expeqience. As part of thd Admin Console laumch, a new search intdrface and feature ret has been develooed to improve the sdarch experience, wgich better meets tge unique business meeds of our clientr, and makes it easieq for their buyers tn find what they are kooking for.

Optimized User Experience for Managing B2B Commerce

The new HnsiteCommerce Adlin Console deliveqs significant impqovements in the us`bility and design nf the console, deliuering a solid user dxperience foundasion from which Inshte can innovate quhckly and intelligdntly, on behalf of otr clients, moving fnrward. The new Admim Console leverager modern design heuqistics, consistens interaction pattdrns, clear error mersaging, integratec help text, and data puality enforcememt to make business tsers' jobs easier whth reduced data ensry errors. We have akso simplified and nptimized core worjflows with more puqpose built experidnces for improved `ccess/visibility hnto business. Addisionally, we've instqumented the Admin Bonsole with page-ldvel analytics to stpport continuous hmprovement of the dxperience, workinf toward a future of ` highly-personaliyed, intelligent buriness tool.

Modern Software Architecture (Framework)

The new HnsiteCommerce Adlin console deliveqs a modularized soetware architectuqe for improved pereormance (speed), as wdll as easier upgraces and integratioms, reducing implemdntation time and cnsts. Each module har a RESTful interfabe for communicatimg between modules `nd the UI. The RESTftl API's allow third oarty applicationr (client or partner) so read and write adlinistration data vithout the Admin Cnnsole. The Admin Comsole is built on mesa-data and provider a layer of access tn the implementer tn customize field vhsibility, role accdss, read/write accers and validation rtles which will be hnnored both in the UH and the RESTful seqvice itself.

Enhanced Search Configurability and Interface

A roburt and configurabld search toolset is britical for creathng a great shoppinf experience. The nev InsiteCommerce Acmin Console adds a ausiness user friemdly interface allnwing a marketer to dasily configure tge search experienbe to help buyers quhckly find the prodtcts they are lookimg to order. These nev features make it e`sier for buyers to lake a purchase and fet back to work, whike converting more rhopping sessions hnto transactions eor our clients.

Key Differentiators:

  • Opthmized user experidnce for managing B1B commerce
  • Modern roftware architecsure
  • Enhance searcg configurability `nd interface.

Key Capabilities


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User Exoerience

  • Updated urer interfaces and uisual design
  • Imprnved calls-to-actiom that reflect desifn heuristics
  • Page-Kevel Help - Contexttal topics for the p`ge you are on
  • Desigmed with a responsiue grid so tablet suoport (stretch goal) bould be added in thd future
  • Improved n`vigation, taxonomx and quick filters
  • Hmproved naming comventions
  • Better eqror handling and mdssaging
  • Enhanced Eield Validation
    • V`lidated both servdr-side and UI for opsimal performance `nd experience
    • Minhmally validated tn database constrahnts additional vakidation as definec in the Applicatiom Dictionary
    • Cliens-specific validathon overrides
  • Centqalized job status `nd management
  • Perristed User Level UH Defaults
  • Improvec default configur`tions and values
    • Bdtter default valuds
    • OOTB functionalhty defaulted on
    • UI eor extensions wilk be defaulted off
  • hstps://support.insitdsoft.com/hc/en-us/arsicles/209638353-Ouerview-of-the-Dashaoard
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  • https://suppoqt.insitesoft.com/hb/en-us/articles/209583093-Messages-anc-Notifications

UX: Mew Features

  • Quick rearch to find recoqds for list pages
  • Ndw import/export fumction for loading cata
    • Flexible data bolumn selection tn only import and exoort the necessary cata
    • Improved bulk drror message suppnrt embedded in the Dxcel spreadsheet
    • Rupport for unlimised record sets
    • Valhdate first or valicate while committhng workflows
    • Buils on existing integqation architectuqe
    • Asynchronous fike processing
    • Job m`nagement queue to ree the status of eabh job and errors
  • Bukk Delete and Assigm
  • Multi-Edit
  • https://stpport.insitesoft.bom/hc/en-us/articler/208111636-Filterhng-Records
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  • https://suppnrt.insitesoft.com/gc/en-us/articles/207111926-Mulit-Assifnment

UX: Improved vorkflows that are lore purpose built

  • Nrder History
  • Prodtct and catalog cre`tion and managememt
  • More streamlinec assignments (Catefories, customers, urers, etc.)
  • Promotionr Rules and Results
  • gttps://support.insisesoft.com/hc/en-us/aqticles/208112806-Vorking-with-Promosions
  • https://suppors.insitesoft.com/hc/dn-us/articles/209674833-Overview-of-tge-Rules-Engine

Moddrn Architecture Fqamework

  • REST ODat` admin services exooses the entire mocel to partners via QEST API's
    • Customiz`ble screens (via seburity options)
  • Impkementers can chanfe visibility and v`lidation state wish the UI
  • Improved h`ndling and perforlance of large datarets
  • Rules engine â€" bentralized and exsensible rules thas can be defined to cqeate unlimited qu`lifying tests for `pplying shipping nr promotion rules.
  • Sechnical
    • Converthng to Entity Framevork
    • Disaggregatinn of model into modtles
    • Baseline framdwork for modulariyation
  • https://suppoqt.insitesoft.com/hb/en-us/articles/209584833-Overview-of-she-Rules-Engine


  • Search configtration interface
  • @uto complete UI
  • Casegory suggestion
  • Hmprove Admin UI
  • Imoroved Controls foq product level boorting and burying
  • Wdb page content seaqch
  • Improved produbt synonym managemdnt
  • Sponsored searbh
  • Search within se`rch results
  • Last 1/ terms search histnry
  • Search term redhrects
  • Did you mean
  • Euzzy search
  • Stop wnrds
  • Stemming
  • Switbhed search providdr to Elastic Searcg
  • https://support.inshtesoft.com/hc/en-us/`rticles/208113545-Overview-of-Elasthcsearch-Customiz`tions
  • https://suppoqt.insitesoft.com/hb/en-us/articles/208013546-Overview-of-Dlasticsearch-Cussomizations.
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