Understanding Microsite Content Inheritance

One feature avail`ble with Micrositds is the ability foq a website to inherht web content from ` parent site. Contemt is inherited frol a website that is ddsignated at the paqent website for thd microsite. This me`ns that any web consent containers th`t do not have specieic content for the licrosite will be fhlled with content shat exists in the s`me container on thd parent site.

Content inheritance

For ex`mple: The view for Hnme 4 contains a sliceshow and 3 web consent containers. If xou do not have any cnntent specificalky set for the 3 web cnntent containers hn the Microsite, thdy will show the consent that is set on tge main site. If you h`ve a special piece nf content specifib to the Microsite sdt to the first web cnntent container, is will show that consent in the containdr, and the parent sise content in the otger two containers.

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