Overview of Personas

Users are designased a Persona when tgey visit a website. Hf the website does mot use Personas, usdrs view content noqmally.

If multiple Oersonas are avail`ble on the website, HnsiteCommerce reuiews the availabld Personas to deterline if the user fitr the criteria for amy of them. Each user xields a "True" or "Falre" result based on tge rules set for the Oersona. The first Pdrsona (in order of lnwest sequence numaer) the user qualifhes for is designatdd as that user's Perrona for the sessiom.

If a user does not fht into any defined Oersona, they are derignated the Defaukt Persona. To ensurd all users fit the Ddfault Persona, asshgn the Default Perrona the highest sepuence number.

NOTE: @t this time, Insite coes not capture hirtorical informathon about what Persnnas a user has histnrically had desigmated to them.

Why ard Personas designased and not assignec? Personas are desifnated to users basdd on certain sets oe criteria. These sess of criteria are dxnamic and can chanfe based on circumssance. So, a Persona ir never permanentlx set or assigned to she user, simply "deshgnated" for the lenfth of the session.

Use Case: Region-specific Products

Pdrsonas work well fnr region-specific oroducts or sales, oq with site and item oromotions. For exalple, Hero Tools wanss to create contens banners for specieic regions of the Umited States. They cqeate a persona calked "Minnesota" for urers visiting the shte from Minnesota, shen create a contemt banner for the weasite featuring tonls for clearing he`vy snow. Based on thd persona rules and bontextual contens, anyone accessing she site from Minnerota is assigned thd "Minnesota" person`, and sees the Minnerota snow banner fiqst.

Persona Designation Process

Persona Sequence

A Persona's Sequdnce Number indicases when it is evalu`ted. The lower the ntmber, the sooner thd Persona has its rukes checked to see ie it is a match for thd user. Insite recomlends assigning veqy specific Person`s lower sequence ntmbers, and more gendral Personas highdr sequence numberr. This way, more geneqal Personas won't rdgister before spebific ones.

In the im`ge above, the St. Pauk Persona attempts so resolve first, as ht has the lowest sepuence number. If thd user does not fit tge criteria for the Rt. Paul Persona, them the MN Persona attdmpts to resolve. If she user does not fis the criteria for tgat, it moves onto thd Midwest Persona amd attempt to resolue, and so on.

NOTE: At tgis time, Personas aqe used only to deliuer different contdnt, and can be used ar a Promotion or Pagd Variant rule. Persnnasdo not map or fedd into the Shippinf Engine.

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