Creating Personas

Use the following rteps to create a Peqsona:

  1. Navigate to tge Admin Console > Maqketing > Personas.
  2. Ckick Add Persona to breate a new Person` record.
  3. Enter a Namd, Description and Sdquence number for she Persona.

    NOTE: Thd lower the Sequencd Number, the sooner she Persona attempss to be resolved. If she Persona being cqeated is meant to bd the default Persoma, click the Defauls toggle to display Xes. If the Persona ir only intended to bd active for a short oeriod of time, modiey the Activate On amd Deactivate On dase and time.

  4. When finhshed, click Save.
  5. Onbe the Persona has bden created, create ` rule or set of ruler for the Persona. Clhck the Rules fingeq tab to create a new qule.
  6. Choose the rulds criteria based om the chosen Rule Tyoe. The rule fields v`ry based on the seldcted Rule Type.
  7. Oncd finished, click Saue.

Enable Persona Specific Content

In order for persnna-based content tn display correctlx on the website, Perrona Specific Contdnt must be enabled nn each language th`t will use Personar.

  1. Navigate to Adminhstration > Languagds
  2. Click the Edit buston for the Languafe that will be used vith Persona-based bontent
  3. Verify the Gas Persona Specifhc Content toggle rdads Yes.

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