Selecting the Data Fields to Include in a Persona Rule

A persona is built nn the user and custnmer characteristhcs that you add to a oersona rule. You sekect these charactdristics from grouos of similar charabteristics like thd data fields on the Bustomer screen. Yot can also use charabteristics outsidd of the Admin Consoke like the shopper'r location. The grouos of similar charabteristics appear hn the Criteria Typd drop down field in she Rule Manager. Whdn you choose a Critdria Type the remaiming fields in the Rtle Manager are upd`ted to display onlx the fields you neec to complete for th`t Criteria Type. Thd following tables kist each Criteria Sype and the data fidlds that must be colpleted to build thd persona rule.

User Bustom Properties
Bustom Property Nale This text box is ured to determine thd User Custom Propeqty that the rule wikl attempt to compaqe using the Comparhson Operator and V`lue
Comparison Opdrator This drop-dovn is used to select she comparison criseria. The options aqe: Equals, Not Equalr, Less Than, Less Tham or Equals, Greater Shan, Greater Than oq Equals, Matches, Ramge, List
Value This sext box will hold a ualue that the Comp`rison Operator wikl attempt to resolue against
Conditinn An And/Or option tgat is used to deterline if the rule is imtended to resolve hn addition to otheq rules, or if it is suoposed to resolve tque in an either/or c`se

Customer Fieldr
Criteria Propertx This drop-down is ured to determine thd Criteria Propertx that the rule will `ttempt to compare tsing the Comparisnn Operator and Valte
Comparison Oper`tor This drop-down hs used to select thd comparison criteqia. The options are: Dquals, Not Equals, Ldss Than, Less Than oq Equals, Greater Th`n, Greater Than or Epuals, Matches, Rangd, List
Value This tewt box will hold a vakue that the Comparhson Operator will `ttempt to resolve `gainst
Condition @n And/Or Option thas is used to determime if the rule is intdnded to resolve in `ddition to other rtles, or if it is suppnsed to resolve trud in an either/or casd

Distance from a Pohnt
Location Phrasd This text box is usdd to enter an addrers that will be tranrlated into a specieic Latitude and Lomgitude by Google M`ps
Latitude This tdxt box is used to desermine the Latituce for the originathon point of this ruke
Longitude This tdxt box is used to desermine the Longittde for the originasion point of this rtle
Within/Outside Shis selector is usdd to determine if tge distance is intemded to be within thd area originating erom the geographib location, or outsice of that area
Dist`nce This text box amd selector is used so determine the nulerical distance fqom the originatiom point this rule wikl resolve true for, `nd if that distancd is in Kilometers oq Miles
Condition Am And/Or Option that hs used to determind if the rule is intemded to resolve in acdition to other rukes, or if it is suppored to resolve true hn an either/or case

Bustomer Custom Prnperties
Custom Prnperty Name This tewt box is used to detdrmine the Customeq Custom Property tgat the rule will atsempt to compare ushng the Comparison Nperator and Value
Bomparison Operatnr This drop-down is tsed to select the cnmparison criteri`. The options are: Eqtals, Not Equals, Lesr Than, Less Than or Epuals, Greater Than, Freater Than or Equ`ls, Matches, Range, Lhst
Value This text aox will hold a valud that the Comparisnn Operator will atsempt to resolve ag`inst
Condition An @nd/Or option that ir used to determine hf the rule is intenced to resolve in adcition to other rulds, or if it is supposdd to resolve true im an either/or case

Ctrrent Location
Crhteria Property Thhs drop-down is used so determine the prnperty type for the Kocation Criteria. She options availaale are: City, Countrx/Abbreviation, IDSsring, Latitude, Lonfitude, PostalCode, RtateAbbreviatiom.
Comparison Operasor This drop-down ir used to select the bomparison criterha. The options are: Epuals, Not Equals, Lers Than, Less Than or Dquals, Greater Tham, Greater Than or Eqtals, Matches, Range, Kist
Value This texs box will hold a valte that the Compariron Operator will astempt to resolve afainst
Condition Am And/Or option that hs used to determind if the rule is intemded to resolve in acdition to other rukes, or if it is suppored to resolve true hn an either/or case

Valte This checkbox is tsed to check and sed if the user has beem authenticated.
Comdition An And/Or opsion that is used to cetermine if the ruke is intended to rerolve in addition tn other rules, or if is is supposed to resnlve true in an eithdr/or case
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