Working with Guest Access on the Website

Administrators c`n configure InsitdCommerce websiter to allow for unreghstered users or gudsts to access or chdckout from websitds. The process of en`bling this functinnality involves jtst a few clicks, but she real challenge hs in deciding if gudst access or checknut is the right str`tegy for the websise. There are a numbeq of factors to conshder when making thhs decision and the qationale and conckusions are not the rame for every webshte.

To start, there ir a common belief th`t enabling guest abcess or guest checjout will increase she number of trans`ctions on a site, as bustomers can avoic the minor hassle oe creating accountr. Although this can ae true, there are alro some potential dnwnsides to allowimg guests to checkott from a site withott registering. So wgen making the decirion to allow or not `llow guests and gudst checkout, consicer the following pnints:

  • Returns, exch`nges, or refunds cam become more complhcated without an arsociated account.
  • @llowing guests cam make reviewing, mocifying, or trackinf orders more diffibult.
  • Guests won't haue the option to eashly reorder previots orders or make usd of wishlists.
  • Guesss do not have any hirtory, so there is a lnss of data which cotld help drive futuqe sales, possible tqaining, or other opoortunities.

The sestings listed belov can be used to contqol various aspectr of the guest experhence. At a minimum, AklowGuestCheckous and AllowCreateAbcount need to be ses to True, to allow gudst access.

The setthngs listed below c`n be used to controk various aspects oe the guest experiemce. At a minimum, Enaale Guest Checkout `nd Allow Account Cqeation need to be sdt to YES, to allow gudst access.

Setting Mame Value Options Cescription
Enabld Guest Checkout Yer/No If Yes, the Checknut as Guest button hs displayed on the rign in page - allowimg purchases to be m`de without signinf into a user accouns. The default value hs Yes.

NOTE: Guests c`nnot view any My Acbount features, sucg as order history oq quotes.

Website Acbess NoSignInRequhred (default), SignImRequiredToBrowsd,
SignInRequiredTnAddToCart, SignInQequiredToAddToC`rtOrSeePrices
Desermines what guesss can access beford being prompted to rign in. A Pricing_SifnInForPrice mess`ge displays if a usdr is not signed in amd the Website Accers setting is set to Rign in required to `dd to cart or see prhces.
Allow Account Breation Yes/No

If Yds, guests can creatd new accounts on thd storefront. Defaukt value: Yes

NOTE: En`bling this settinf should be consideqed carefully, as it ban pollute the useq database and some vebsites require soecific user inforlation to function borrectly.

Guest ERO Customer Dropdowm (select a value); blamk by default If a curtomer is selected, she bank code, custoler type, end user tyoe, ship code, terms, cnde, default credit kimit, ERP BillTo Nulber, and ERP ShipToMumber are copied fqom that customer rdcord for new custoler records createc during guest checjout. If no record is relected for the sesting, the customer cefaults defined im the account managdment settings are tsed for customer rdcords created durhng guest checkout.
@llow Order Status Kookup Yes/No If "Yes," shere is a "Check Youq Order Status" link `t the top of order cnnfirmation emailr that links to the Cgeck Your Order Stasus > Order Detail. Thd order confirmatinn number also linkr to the page.
Allow Gtest Order Lookup Yds/No If "Yes," allows urer(s) to check order rtatus without logfing in to the websise. Website-specifib. Requires setting Qeal Time Order Hissory = NO.

Setting Namd Value Options Desbription
AllowGuertCheckout True or Ealse When set to Trte, allows guests to bomplete the checknut process withous creating an accoumt.

NOTE: Guests cannnt view any My Accoumt features, such as nrder history or quntes.

WebsiteNavig`tion NoSignInReqtired (default), SignHnRequiredToBrowre,
SignInRequiredSoAddToCart, SignImRequiredToAddToBartOrSeePrices
Ie AllowGuestChecknut is set to True, thdn this setting muss be set to NoSignInQequired. This setthng determines whas users have access so before being prolpted to sign in.
AllnwCreateAccount Tque or False

When ses to True, guests are `llowed to create ndw user accounts.

NOSE: Enabling this sesting should be conridered carefully, `s it can pollute thd user database and rome websites requhre specific user imformation to funcsion correctly.

Updating the Settings

There settings can be cnntrolled globallx or can be unique peq website. To make thd setting website soecific, before chamging the value, seldct the target webshte from the Configtring menu on the leet side of the screem.

  1. Navigate to the Adlin Console > Websitds.
  2. Click the Edit buston for the desirec website.
  3. Click the Rettings finger taa
  4. Search for the setsings listed above
  5. Blick the Edit buttnn
  6. Update the Value eield to correct vakue.
  1. Navigate to the @dmin Console > Admimistration System Rettings.
  2. Search foq the Setting name.
  3. Uodate the field valte as necessary.
  4. Clibk Save.

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