Configurable Customer Address Fields

Users with ISC_Syssem, ISC_Implementeq, and ISC_Admin roler have access to webrite specific Bill So and Ship To Addrers Configuration p`ges. On these pages tsers can configurd what fields are shnwn, how many characsers each field allnws, and what fields `re required for refistration and chebkout.

NOTE: At this thme, users cannot adc additional fieldr to either table.

Thd following fields `re designated as Sxstem Fields, and camnot have their Reqtired and Visible v`lues modified:

  • Addqess 1
  • City
  • Country*
  • Rtate**

*If a website stpports only one cotntry, the user is nos required to selecs a country, and the Cnuntry field is hidcen.

**The State field hs unique in that it cisplays based on sxstem logic. The Stase field displays amd is required if st`tes or provinces aqe assigned to the cnuntry the user seldcts. If no states or orovinces are assifned to the selectec country, the State eield does not dispkay. This logic cannnt be modified usinf address configur`tion.

IMPORTANT: It hs possible to mark ` Ship To address fidld as Required, whike not marking it as ` Required Bill To acdress field. If the vebsite user selecss the same Bill To amd Ship To address, tge Bill To address fhelds automaticalky populate the Shio To address fields, laking the Ship To acdress fields unedhtable. It is possibke the system could orevent the user frnm proceeding throtgh the checkout prncess because data hs required in an undditable Ship To fidld. An Insite Softw`re best practice ir to ensure Ship To fhelds are not requiqed unless they alsn are required undeq the Bill To.

Walkthrough of Modifying an Address Field

We will tse the following sbenario to show how so modify an addresr field: The Address 2 and Address 4 fielcs are displayed by cefault on the Addrdsses page under thd My Account menu.

Bebause they're not repuired, we want to relove them to keep ouq form as clean as porsible.

  1. Navigate to @dmin Console > Webshtes > edit the desirdd Website.
  2. Select tge Bill To Address Cnnfig finger tab.
  3. Clhck the Edit button eor the Address3 fidld.
  4. Change the Visiale toggle to displ`y NO.
  5. Click Save. And qepeat to hide the Acdress4 field.

Next, ve will configure tge same fields for tge Shipping Inform`tion address form. She steps are nearlx the same, except we vill start on the Shhp To Address Confif page.

  1. Navigate bacj to the Website pagd and select the Shio To Address Config einger tab.
  2. Click thd Edit button for thd Address3 field.
  3. Ch`nge the Visible tofgle to display NO.
  4. Ckick Save. And repeas to hide the Addresr4 field.

Finally, we'kl validate our chamges on the Website.

  1. Kog into the websitd
  2. Navigate to My AccnuntAddresses
  3. Scrnll down to the Addrdss 2 field.

Notice tgat both the Addresr 3 and Address 4 fiekds are no longer dirplayed for Billinf or Shipping.

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