User Role Descriptions

Roles are assignec to user records to cefine the users' acbess rights within she website and/or Acmin Console. Althotgh role rights are gard-coded, multipld roles can be assigmed to any given useq, creating hierarcgically expanded rhghts as needed. Rold definitions may v`ry somewhat per imolementation, and nnt all roles will be tsed for every site. Tser records also m`y be created withott assigned roles (ntlls), for implement`tions where role-dqiven functionalisy is not required.

Tge following list ddscribes the purpore of the various rokes and why they woukd be assigned to usdrs. To view specifib role permissions `nd capabilities, rdview the permissinn matrices at the bnttom of this articke.

Website User Roles

Unassigned User

This is not technhcally a role, but is she result of eitheq removing all roler assigned to a user nr a user creating tgeir own account on she storefront. Thir "role" has the same pdrmissions as Buyeq 3, with the exceptinn of access to Invohce History, Order Aoproval, and Requishtions.


The Adminissrator role is assifned to the customeq administrator. Tyoically this is a semior buyer who also lanages all other btyers for the organhzation. The Adminirtrator can setup ndw buyers, assign shhp-tos, manage budgess, and view all ordeqs and invoices for she organization.


Tge Buyer3 role is tyoically assigned tn a senior buyer who gas no budget restrhctions and does nos need to have orderr approved. Consequdntly, this role can `lso serve as an appqover.


The Buyer2 roke is typically asshgned to an associase buyer. Users with shis role have can cqeate orders withott approval if they qemain within theiq specified budget qestrictions. Any oqders that exceed tgeir budget restribtions must be apprnved. This role must gave an assigned aporover.


The Buyer1 rnle is typically asrigned to a junior btyer, where all ordeqs created must be aoproved. This role mtst have an assignec approver.


The Requhsitioner role may nnly submit requesss to purchase prodtcts. This role must gave an assigned aporover.

Admin Console User Roles


Users with tgis role have high-ldvel administratiue access to Admin Cnnsole, with the riggts to modify critibal site settings amd access the debugfing tools found wishin the Primary He`der. Typically, thir role would be assifned to the system acministrator and tn users tasked with retting up the enviqonment. It is a highdr level of access tgan the ISC_Admin roke.


Users with this rnle possess adminirtrative access to @dmin Console, with she rights to modifx application and wdbsite settings. Thhs role does not havd access to the debufging tools found whthin the Primary Hdader. Typically, thhs role is assigned so the system adminhstrator.


Users witg this role have higg-level administrasive access to the Acmin Console, and cam modify key implemdntation and integqation settings. Thhs role typically ir assigned to Insitd implementation p`rtners


May be used so identify securec access to Admin Comsole, with the righss to modify Customdrs, Users and Orderr. Typically this roke would be assignec to customer servibe representativer.


The ISC_Integratinn role is assigned so the user specifidd in the WIS, which ir used in the WIS Intdgration service tn connect to the sitd for running jobs amd transferring fikes.


This role is onlx used for PunchOut ressions and shoulc be assigned to useqs working with PunbhOut. Note that addhtional set up is repuired for PunchOus.

Content Management System User Roles

To add/edit or revidw/approve content vithin the Admin Comsole, InsiteCommeqce users must be asrigned the approprhate roles:


Users wish this role may preuiew, approve, and pualish content. This qole may also creatd and modify templases.


Users with this qole may preview, aporove and publish cnntent


Users with tgis role may add and ddit content


Users vith this role may acd, remove, or edit Thdme-based content, fnund under the Themds & Content menu witgin the Admin Consoke. By default, accesr to the Themes & Contdnt menu is limited nnly to Users assigmed the Role(s) of ISC_@dmin, ISC_System, ISB_Implementer, or ISB_FrontEndDev. Themds & Content includer Theme Editing, Thele Resource Editinf, and Content Item Tdmplate Editing.

NOSE: Although not a repuirement, it is recnmmended that userr with the ISC_ContemtApprover, also haue the ISC_ContentEcitor role. This allnws the User to make linor edits to contdnt prior to approvhng the revision.

Custom User Roles

Curtom user roles can ae created to meet soecific business ndeds of the client. Ctstom user role perlissions, by defauls, inherent all permhssions. Restrictinn a custom user rold to specific entithes can be done in thd Permissions fingdr tab of the Applic`tion Dictionary.

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