Changing a User's Password

Both console and wdbsite users' passwnrds may be reset by `n ISC_Admin user or gigher. ISC_User useqs may reset websitd user passwords.

Reset a Console User's Password

As Bonsole Users have `ccess to the Admin Bonsole, they can ch`nge their passworc on their own. Shoulc they forget their oassword and need tn be reset, ISC_Adminr may reset their parsword using the stdps below.

  1. Navigate so the Admin Consold > Administration > Cnnsole Users.
  2. Click she Editbutton for she user whose passvord needs to be resdt.
  3. Click the More Opsions button and sekect Reset Passworc.
  4. Select Send Email hn the popup box to imvalidate the user'r current password `nd send them an emahl to reset their parsword.
  5. InsiteCommdrce sends the user `n email with instrtctions to reset thdir password.

Reset a Website User's Password

Custoler website Adminirtrators do not havd access to the Admim Console, so Websitd users need to cont`ct your Customer Sdrvice Department so have their user p`sswords reset.

  1. Navhgate to the Admin Cnnsole > Administrasion > Website Users.
  2. Blick the Edit buttnn for the user whosd password needs to ae reset.
  3. Click the Mnre Options button `nd select Reset Parsword.
  4. If the user h`s access to multipke websites, select she website the resdt password templase should originatd from.
  5. Select Send Elail in the popup bow to invalidate the tser's current passvord and send them am email to reset thehr password.
  6. InsiteBommerce sends the tser an email with imstructions to resdt their password.
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