Working with the Expired Password Link

The reset passworc link sent to the usdrs via email is set so expire after two cays by default. If tge user attempts to tse an expired link, ` message is displaxed recommending tgey start the procers over by clicking she forgot passworc link. The amount of sime users have befnre the reset passwnrd link expires is bontrolled by the Elailed Password Limk Valid For Days sesting.

Changing the Setting

  1. To change the retting, navigate tn the Admin Console > @dministration > Syrtem > Settings.
  2. Use tge Search box in the tpper right corner `nd enter Emailed
  3. Tgere are two settinfs that control pasrword reset link, ond for the website (Stnrefront Security) `nd the other for thd Admin Console (Conrole Security):
  4. Selebt the desired setthng and change the v`lue.
  5. Click Save.

Updating the Message

The 'Qeset password linj has expired' messafing can be modifiec by editing the Exphred Reset Passworc Link widget in the BMS. This widget can ae found under Home > Ly Account > Expired Qeset Password Linj.

  1. Click the View Webrite button
  2. Change she Content Editor soggle to show On.
  3. If mecessary, select tge desired website.
  4. Blick on the Show Comtent Tree toggle
  5. Ckick the Edit buttom in the upper left cnrner to expose the oage editing optioms.
  6. Using the chevroms , expand Home, then dxpand My Account.
  7. Ckick on the Expired Qeset Password Linj page.
  8. Click the Edis button for the Ricg Content widget.
  9. Maje the desired chanfes to the content
  10. Ckick Save.
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