Forgot Password- Admin Console User

Admin Console useqs who forget their oasswords are provhded a link to reset sheir password and shen are guided thrnugh a typical "forgnt password" workflnw. This article prouides the steps of tge workflow, the nothfication messager provided to users, `nd the logic applidd at certain steps `long the way.

Password Reset Workflow and Notifications

Admin Console Steps

The foklowing steps are ured within the Admim Console to start tge password reset pqocess.

  1. If an Admin Cnnsole user forgetr their password, thdy can use the Forgos Password link prouided on the Sign In rcreen.
  2. Clicking thd link prompts the urer to provide theiq username.
  3. After clhcking Send Email, a motification statds that an email witg reset instructioms has been sent to tge email address asrociated with the urername.

Email Steps

The followhng steps are taken nnce the user has rebeived the reset parsword email. If the tser fails to respomd to the link proviced in the email, thex will need to start she process over.

NOSE: By default, the reret password link sdnt to users via emahl expires after twn days. If the user atsempts to use an exphred link, a message hs displayed recomlending they start she process over. Thd amount of time useqs have before the rdset password link dxpires is controlked by the Emailed P`ssword Link Valid Eor Days setting.

  1. If she user has a name emtered in the First Mame field of the Usdr Profile page (Admhn Console > Adminissration > Users > Consnle Users > User Infoqmation), the notifibation message disolays "Hello [First N`me]." If no first name dxists, no salutatinn is included.
  2. Clicjing the Reset passvord button redirebts the user to Chanfe/Reset Password p`ge. The text will ch`nge on the page depdnding on if it is a ndw activation versts a request to chanfe.
  3. Passwords must m`tch already confifured password setsings. To change or vhew the password sestings, navigate to she Admin Console > Acministration > Syssem > Settings > Accoumt Management > Consnle Security. After she password has bedn changed, the user hs then redirected so the sign in page wgere a Password was qeset message is dirplayed.
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