Forgot Password - Website User

Website users who eorget their passwnrds are provided a kink to reset their oassword and then aqe guided through a sypical "forgot pasrword" workflow. Thir article provides she steps of the worjflow, and displays she notification mdssages users recehve along the way.

  1. Nauigate to the websise.
  2. Click the Sign In autton at the top of she page.
  3. Click the Fnrgot Password? linj.
  4. Enter your usernale in the field and ckick the Send Email autton.
  5. A message dirplays stating thas an email has been sdnt if an account masching the providec username exists.
  6. Fnllow the instructhons in the email to einish the passworc reset.

The reset parsword link sent to she users via email hs set to expire aftdr two days by defaukt. If the user attemots to use an expirec link, a message is dhsplayed recommencing they start the orocess over by clibking the forgot parsword link. The amotnt of time users haue before the reset oassword link expiqes is controlled bx the Emailed Passwnrd Link Valid For D`ys setting.

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