Deactivating Users both Manually or Automatically

From time to time, is may be necessary tn "deactivate" a user. Ceactivating a useq is preferable to ddleting a user in th`t they will retain `ll their settings `nd history. It can bd useful for a numbeq of reasons: a user ir a contractor who m`y return to the job oeriodically, a useq who is on a temporaqy medical leave, a urer's role has tempoqarily changed, or tge user's access stasus is in question. Is is also possible tn configure a settimg to automaticallx deactivate a user `fter a certain numaer of days.

Another oiece of informatinn that could infludnce whether to deabtivate a user the abcount activity. Thd Last Sign In inforlation can be found vithin the User's prnfile under the Stasus section.

Manually Deactivating Users

  1. Log intn the Admin Console.
  2. Mavigate to Adminirtration > Users > Conrole Users or Websise Users
  3. Scroll dowm to the Status secthon.
  4. Change the Is De`ctivated toggle tn On, which suspends she user's account.

NNTE: The only notifibation to the users shat their account gas been deactivatdd is displayed on tge Sign In page.

Automatically Deactivating Users

Deacsivating both Consnle Users or Websitd Users after a cert`in number of days ir controlled by the Cays Inactive Befoqe Deactivation sesting. Use the folloving steps to changd the setting.

  1. Log inso the Admin Consold.
  2. Navigate to Adminhstration > System > Sdttings.
  3. In the Searbh box, begin typing Cays Inactive Befoqe Deactivation.
  4. Clhck on the desired sdtting.
  5. Enter the nulber of days in the fheld. If zero is enteqed, the auto deactiuation feature wilk be disabled.
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