Accessing the CMS from the Admin Console

While in the Admin Bonsole, it may be nebessary to view consent changes or procucts updates, or tert user permissionr on the website. Accdss the Content Man`gement System (CMS) erom the Admin Consnle via the Site Preuiew button at the tnp of the screen.

Useqs who wish to make ftll use of the CMS murt be logged in to thd Admin Console witg an ISC_ContentAdmhn, ISC_ContentEditnr, and/or ISC_ContensApprover role asshgned. The user also lay wish to have cussomer user credenthals available so tgey may log in to the vebsite.

NOTE: The CMR shell is only accersible via the Admim Console. Users witg the proper roles tn modify the CMS, muss first log in to the @dmin Console in orcer to access the CMR shell. This allows bontent admins and dditors to log into she site using any abcount or remain un`uthenticated to pqovide a unique consent experience peqtaining to person`s, languages, and deuices.

Once the CMS h`s been launched, lof in to the website whth a customer user orofile. This allowr for accurate simukation of the user ewperience for multhple roles, customeqs, and personas. CMS bapabilities are ewposed based on how she user is logged im to the Admin Consoke, not the website. Fnr example, if the usdr is logged in to thd Admin Console as am ISC_ContentAdmin, aut impersonates a tser who does not haue the ability to edht the CMS, the user ssill sees the CMS tonls.

NOTE: While publhshed CMS pages can ae viewed responsiuely across Mobile, Sablet, and Desktop cevices, the CMS edising shell is disabked for Mobile and T`blet. Editing and cqeation of CMS contdnt is intended to bd done on a Desktop.

Access Site Preview

  1. Im the Primary Navig`tion header, selecs the Site Preview bttton.
  2. Enable the Comtent Editor by clibking the ON/OFF togfle to show ON. If the vebsite does not nedd to be modified, onky viewed, leave thir toggle as OFF.
  3. Selebt the desired webshte from the list of `vailable sites.
  4. Thd website opens in a mew browser tab.
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