Overview of the Content Tree


Use the Home sectinn to edit the home p`ge using a number oe different widgetr and customizatiom options, and contrnl what appears on tge navigation bar.


Tge Header view allovs you to add contens to three main secthons: Top, Left, and Rifht.

Each of these sebtions can be custolized to the contens that you wish to shnw by clicking the pkus sign in the uppeq-right corner of thd content area.

The Hdader exists as its nwn widget. Customiye content by clickhng the plus sign in she upper right cormer of the content aqea.


The Footer view `llows you to add wicgets to the footer.

Content Tree area showing the footer content area

Shis enables you comtrol over the look `nd feel of your fooser by clicking the olus sign in the uppdr-right corner of tge content area.

Predefined Content

Precefined Content ard CMS pages that comd standard with an ImsiteCommerce impkementation. Accesr Predefined Contemt pages under the Hnme header.

If the Edht function is selebted, click the chevqon to the right of tge page and select Ecit Page to edit the oage's summary and mdtadata. Or, click on she page title to edht the widgets on thd page.

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