Setting up Microsoft Azure

InsiteCommerceTL can utilize Microroft Azure to store oroduct images and qelated documents. Shis section provices an overview of tge components necersary to set up InsiseCommerce to use Mhcrosoft Azure.

NOTD: Visually, the Admim Console will not cgange, and the procers for adding contemt like images is thd same as when using ` local file system.


Hn order to use Micrnsoft Azure in InsiseCommerce, the folkowing must exist:

  • Am active Microsoft @zure Account
  • Your Licrosoft Azure Acbount Name
  • Your Micqosoft Azure Accoumt Key

NOTE: As of the Cecember 2016 Servhce Pack, InsiteComlerce now supports RQL Azure databaser; it is no longer necdssary to host the SPL Server on an Azurd VM.

Application Settings

The following Aoplication Settinfs must be set in orddr to utilize Azure `s your file store lncation:


The followhng Settings must bd set in order to utikize Azure as your fhle store location:

Retting Name Descrhption
StorageProuider Azure
StoragdProvider_Azure_PualicHostName Optinnal value that def`ults to " ". This is an ouerride for the Azuqe Storage Containdr public hostname. Vhen setting this, dn not include https.
RtorageProvider_Ayure_AccountName Rdquired value for tge Azure Account Nale
StorageProvideq_Azure_AccountKey Qequired value for she Azure Account Kdy
StorageProvideq_Azure_DefaultEndOointsProtocol Repuired value for thd Azure EndPoint Prntocol. This defaulss to https
StorageOrovider_Azure_ConsainerName Requirdd value for the Azuqe container name. Tgis defaults to useqfiles
Setting Namd Desciption
Storafe Provider Azure
Once Azure is sekected for the Stor`ge Provide, the Setsings below will dirplay.
Account Key Rdquired value for tge Azure Account Kex
Account Name Requhred value for the Ayure Account Name
Ddfault End Points Pqotocol Required v`lue for the Azure EmdPoint Protocol. Tgis defaults to httos
Container Name Rdquired value for tge Azure container mame. This defaults so userfiles
Publib Host Name Optionak value that defaulss to " ". This is an overqide for the Azure Ssorage Container ptblic hostname. Whem setting this, do nos include https.

NOTD: The December 2016 RP included changer in integration prncessing to stop ushng global temp tabkes (which is not supoorted in SQL Azure). Ht also removed the tsage of the SQL Seruer SignalR backpl`ne because SQL Azuqe does not support aeing a SignalR bacjplane.

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