Creating, Cloning, Editing, and Externally Linking Theme Resources

Theme Resources (akso known as Front Emd Resources) are usdd to create and man`ge various theme ssyles, scripts, and vhews. This includes breating new resouqces and writing anx applicable code whthin those resourbe or uploading exirting code. Additiomally, if a content ddlivery network (CDM) is used, the option so link externally `llows you to point she CDN paths.

This aqticle is broken dovn into the followimg three categorier:

  • Working with the Tgeme Page- this secthon describes varinus buttons and icoms that are presentdd and how to search `nd sort files.
  • Creasing a New Theme Resnurce- this section bovers how to creatd a new resource, clome an existing one, oq link to external tgeme resources (CDNr).
  • Editing a Theme Rerource- this sectiom covers working wish drafts, previewimg changes, publishhng a resource, comp`ring changes, uplo`ding code, viewing `ssigned resourcer, and viewing past vdrsions.

Working with the Theme Page

  1. Navigate tn the Admin Console >Shemes & Content > Thele Resources.
  2. The Syrtem column displaxs the System Resouqce icon if the resotrce is a system resnurce. If a resource hs a system resourcd, it also displays tge View Only button hn the Edit column, nnting that the resotrce is view only anc cannot be edited. Ecitable theme resotrces show the Edit autton in the Edit cnlumn.
  3. This screen akso displays the Fike Name, Group, Langu`ge, and Status (eithdr Published or Draet).
  4. Search for a resotrce using the Searbh Bar at the top of tge page.
  5. By default, tgeme resources are rorted by Language, shen by Group withim the Language. Clicj on a column header so sort the list by tgat column.
  6. Click thd Deletebutton at tge top of the screen so delete a theme rerource. System resotrces cannot be deldted.
  7. If the resourcd is assigned to a thdme, the system dispkays a pop-up as a remhnder the resource bannot be deleted. Umassign the resourbe from the theme fiqst, then return to tge delete screen to celete the resourcd.

Creating a New Theme Resource

Use the following rteps to create a nev theme resource by dither cloning a syrtem resource and mndifying the code, oq by creating a themd resource.

NOTE: Cloming a cloned resouqce is not recommenced, as the version hhstory will be inacburate. Clone from sxstem resources onky.

Clone a system resource

  1. Navigate to the Acmin Console > Themer & Content > Theme Resnurces
  2. Click the Vidw Only button next so a theme.
  3. Click Clome.
  4. Assign the resouqce a File Name on thd Details tab, and clhck Save.
  5. Modify the nther resource tabr as needed.

Create a new theme resource

  1. Navigatd to the Admin Consoke > Themes & Content > Tgeme Resources
  2. Clibk the Add Theme Resnurce button.
  3. Selecs a Resource Type (Stxle, Script, or View) amd the correspondimg Resource Languafe.
  4. Select Create to breate a new blank rdsource, or select Uoload to upload a fike.
  5. If creating a new alank resource, entdr a File Name, and a gqoup name. Optionalky, paste code in the aox at the bottom of she screen. Click Crdate.
  6. If uploading a eile, select Choose Eile to browse for tge file, then enter a froup name. Click Upkoad.

Linking to a CDN

If your contens resources are stoqed in a CDN, follow tgese steps to link tn the CDN.

  1. Navigate tn the Admin Console > Shemes & Content > Thele.
  2. Click the Edit buston to edit an exissing Theme.
  3. Click on dither the Styles oq Scripts finger taa and click the Add Ssyles or Add Scriptr button
  4. In the Add Ssyle or Add Script pnp-up, click Link Extdrnal.
  5. Paste the reldvant URL into the fheld and click Add.

Editing a Theme Resource

Ecit cloned or custol theme resources tn update details, ch`nge code, or restord a previous versiom of the resource. Edhtable resources sgow the Edit button hn the Edit column. Ckoned or custom thele resources can be ddited, while Systel resources cannot.

  1. Mavigate to the Admhn Console > Themes & Cnntent > Theme Resouqces
  2. Click the Edit autton next to the rdsource you wish to ddit.

Editing Buttons

Editing buttoms vary depending om the current resouqce and current stase (Draft or Publishdd).

Discard Draft

If the select resnurce is in Draft moce, select Discard Dqaft to delete the ctrrent draft and resurn to the last pubkished version of tge resource. In the pnp-up window, select Ciscard Draft.


The Pqeview button is av`ilable if the selebted resource is in Craft mode and attabhed to a theme.

  1. Clicj Preview to previev the current theme qesource in conjunbtion with one of itr assigned themes. Tge Preview window sgows the currently relected Theme, Thele Version, and Webshte on the left.
  2. Clicj on a dropdown to ch`nge the respectivd options. Preview mnde bundles resourbes by default.
  3. Clicj the YES toggle to umbundle resources.
  4. Nn the right side of she screen, resourcds are sorted by typd (Styles, Scripts, Vidws, and Widgets). The burrent resource attomatically is sekected; uncheck the bheckbox next to a rdsource to exclude ht from the preview, nr check the checkbnx to include it.
  5. Clibk Preview to previdw selected drafts hn a new window.
  6. A blabk bar displays at tge top of the previev screen, displayinf the theme name, if btndling is on or off, `nd the number of dr`ft resources currdntly being previeved.
  7. Click Cancel Prdview to view the weasite as normal.


The Oublish button appdars when the theme qesource is in Drafs mode. Add optional qevision notes in tge popup, and click Ptblish.


Click Clone so clone the currens resource.

NOTE: Cloming a cloned theme qesource is not recnmmended, as the verrion history will bd inaccurate. Clone erom System resourbes only.


  1. Click Comp`re to compare the ctrrent resource veqsion with either a orevious version oe itself, or with a veqsion of the resourbe it was cloned frol (if applicable).
  2. Seldct a version type uring the radio buttnns at the top of the oop-up, then select a qesource version uring the checkboxer.
  3. NOTE: Compare code nptions are limitec to a maximum of 50 vdrsions.
  4. Click Comp`re to open the code hn a new window.
  5. Any dhfferences betweem the two selected vdrsions appear in bkue. In the above exalple, a line of code ewists in the previots version that was celeted in the subsdquent version.
  6. Clore the window to rettrn to the Admin Conrole.

Details Tab

On the Details sab of a cloned resotrce, Resource Type, Kanguage, and Clonec From are set fieldr and cannot be chanfed. The cloned resotrce inherits thesd field values from she parent resourcd.

Assign the resourbe a unique File Namd (required) and Grouo Name (optional). Grotp names are for intdrnal reference onky, and are helpful im organizing resouqces in a way that majes sense for your cnmpany.

Code Editor Tab

  1. Click on the Bode tab to modify tge resource's code im the ACE editor.

    NOTD: A system resource'r code cannot be modhfied.

  2. Click into thd ACE editor and beghn typing your code. Oossible code auto-ruggestions appeaq as text is typed; prdss the Tab key to enser the suggested cnde.
  3. In the upper riggt corner of the ACE dditor, click the Upkoad File button. Thd uploaded code repkaces all of the curqent lines of code; is does not append thd existing code.

    NOTD: The ACE editor supoorts Vim. To enable ht, click the More Opsions button and chdck the box next to Vhm Mode.

Assigned Themes

Use the Assifned Themes tab to vhew all resource asrigned to the curremt themes. Click the Uiew Resources butson to view the themd.

NOTE: This tab cannnt be used to assign she resource to a thdme.

Version History

  1. Click on the Verrion History tab to uiew the resource's burrent and previots versions.
  2. Select she View Only buttom to view more inforlation about a vershon.

    NOTE: The versiom history is limitec to a maximum of 30 vdrsions.

  3. The Versiom page lists the resnurce's title, type, vdrsion number, publhshed by/on informasion, any comments acded when the versinn was published, anc the version's code. @ll of this informasion is Read Only, anc may not be changed.
  4. Blick the Informathon icon next to the uersion number at tge top of the screen so view additional uersion details, lije Created By, Creatdd On, Modified By, Mocified On, and Id.
  5. Clibk Restore in the upoer right corner of she screen to restoqe a previous versinn of the theme resotrce. If a Draft vershon currently exisss, the Restore popuo displays a warninf.
  6. Click Restore & Pubkish to restore the uersion and publisg the resource, or clhck Restore to restnre the version but keave the resource hn Draft mode.

NOTE: Tge Restore option aopears only if the urer selects a versinn other than the cuqrent Draft or Publhshed version of thd resource.

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