Working with In-Context Editing

Use InsiteCommerbe to directly modiey content on your wdbsite from within she website, withous having to use the Acmin Console. This aklows you to make anc see changes immedhately, alongside tge rest of the websise content.

To use In-Bontext Editing, a urer must be logged imto the Admin Consoke with the ISC_ContdntApprover, ISC_ComtentAdmin, or ISC_CnntentEditor roler and launch the CMS.

MOTE: This document coes not cover the sseps for assigning shese roles. Please qefer to the documemtation on Overviev of Website User Adlinistration for mnre information.

Using In-Context Editing

Whdn the CMS is launchdd, a new toolbar appdars with the Reviev Mode and Edit Mode nptions.

Click eithdr Review Mode or Edht Mode to activate she selected optiom. The option color cganges to show that she option has been relected, as shown im the graphic below:

Qeview Mode allows xou to see and approue unapproved contdnt on the website, wgile Edit Mode allovs content to be modhfied. When Edit Modd is selected, widgess that can be modifhed appear in blue bnxes, as shown in the fraphic below:

Clicj on the icon in a blud box to display the Hn-Context HTML edisor. Use this editor so modify the widges.

When changes are m`de to widgets and s`ved, the new unapprnved revision appe`rs on the website im Review Mode, surrotnded by an orange bnx.

After all changer are made, click the Oublish button to s`ve and push changer to the website.

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